Trinidad and Tobago Pride Arts Festival is our local Pride celebrations that takes place in June/July every year. The festival showcases the work of various local and regional community artists and attracts hundreds of people each year.


2018 Trinidad and Tobago Pride Arts Festival

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T&T to celebrate Pride Month with T&T Pride Arts Festival

History made with T&T’s first Pride Parade

TT Pride Committee releases calendar of events for Pride Month

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Workshops on self-defence; and art, activism and community.


2017 Trinidad and Tobago Pride Arts Festival

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Visual Art Exhibition

Workshop Facilitators

Open Mic, Featured Artists

Press: I Am One’s Pride Arts Festival


2016 Trinidad and Tobago Pride Arts Festival 

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PRIDE Arts Festival Art Exhibit: THE TRIBE and Kearra Gopee – I Am One TnT was proud to host the work of Simone Harris and Kearra Amaya Gopee to Alice Yard for the inaugural Pride Arts Festival! Special thanks to One Shot Photography for the media coverage!

Calendar of Events – I Am ONE TnT presents the first ever Caribbean Pride Arts Festival. The festival starts on June 3rd and ends on July 1st 2016. Come out enjoy, be involved in and support a wide range of activities and events such as movie screenings, film screenings, film shoots, pride market, art gallery displays, dance workshops, photography projects, photo exhibits, spoken word, open mic, sports and family day, dance parties. We are especially proud to offer “The King Show”- (the first of its kind). A “pageant” for women and trans men to perform masculinity on stage. As well as our original calypso cabaret “Buss De Mark”- a musical/theatre production written and directed by I Am ONE TnT and the gender and sexual minorities community of Trinidad and Tobago. See and be there. #PrideArtsFestival2016 #CaribbeanPride #IAmOne #GaSM

2015 Trinidad and Tobago Pride Arts Festival 

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Photos by Arnaldo James Big up to the amazing artists who contributed: Josh Lu, Abigail Hadeed, Shalini Seereeram, Mark Eastman, Kavir Mootoo, Zeleca Ztime Julien, Alexander Johnson, Timmia Hearn, Jillia Cato, Kevin Humphrey, James Dupraj, Tivia Collins, Richie Daly, Tevin R. Gall, Timothy Millington, Carol Chibueze

Press: Honesty on the record


Calypso Cabaret “Buss De Mark”

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A calypso, soca, dancehall, chutney, reggae comedy musical that celebrates the LGBTQI community. This piece was written by Zeleca Julien, Alexander Johnson and the cast of forty community members. Directed by Timmia E. Hearn Feldman; Music Directed by Joseph Lopez; Stars: David Dk Soomarie Amanda T. McIntyre, Jillia Cato, Adwoa Shaun Ali, Choz’n Penn, James Dupraj, Anton Berryman, Richie Daly, Daniel Thomas, Jayson Farrell, Paula Lindo, Hevan Leigh, Chase Garcia, Nals Bachan, Wendy Dyemma, Ishara, Najja Kairi

Press: New York delivers Queer Laugh

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The I Am One writers’ workshop to develop the Calypso Cabaret


Empowering and celebrating the diversity of LGBTQIA persons of Caribbean heritage