Shattered Epiphany by AJ Rogers

AJ Rogers is a young artist from Mayaro. He is an artistic hybrid when it comes to his art education: part self-taught, in addition to studying art in secondary school as well as at the University of Trinidad and Tobago where he studied Animation. Art and creativity have been a part of AJ’s life from since his childhood. Having the freedom to be creative has awarded AJ with the ability to look at the world and all that inhabits it from a unique perspective. He has a strong belief that in life nothing is a smooth path: but filled with many ups and downs. This visual narrative is especially illustrated in AJ’s unique aesthetic which uses a multitude of different mediums. As an artist, AJ’s goal is not only to illustrate a narrative but to present it in such a way that it is not only universal, but also personal to each individual person that comes into contact with the work.

“My art work takes a look how my thought process works and is presented as a visual statement. In my work I deconstruct mental perspective as it deals with topics such as mental health, self worth, symbolism and exploration just to name a few things. I was always drawn to how a group of people can all be given the very same object, but due to each person’s life and experiences they can all have very different interpretations of this object. My work reproduces familiar visual signs, arranging them into new conceptually layered pieces. I want you to look at the pieces from a distance to be seen as a whole. However upon closer look, a new point of view is revealed and the beauty of the details can be appreciated.

For this exhibition the theme “reflection” has resonated with me. I want to explore reflection and pair it with the topic of how “society” forced it’s ideals upon us and also peer pressure. I am going to walk the fine line of being literal and abstract all in one expression in a series of four pieces of artwork.”