Papa Bois by Thomas Haskell

Thomas Haskell: “I identify as a Trinidadian artist and a proud Caribbean queer. I was born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago, and currently I exist between both home and Ontario, Canada. I’ve been an avid sculptor my entire life and ceramics has been my latest passionate obsession.”

Utilizing sculpture I work towards navigation of my creolized queer selfhood as a Trinidadian Transnational. Drawing inspiration from my experiences and research into the characters of Carnival and folklore I investigate tensions of class and race, power and gender. Papa Bois is a solid bronze done in the lost wax method of casting. The figure is the titular local arboreal deity, patron of our fragile wilds. Caught between god, stag, and tree the figure exists in a liminal state. Boundaries and beings that transcend such are of particular interest to me as a way of navigating the particular issues inherent in being a West Indian queer individual.