Deneka Thomas

Deneka Thomas is a 24-year-old Spoken Word Poet, Writer, Teaching Artist, Photographer, Videographer and an aspiring author with an urgent voice that raises against gender inequality, advocacy for women, encourages self and body image appreciation and exhorts environmental awareness.

Her workshop description: A lot of us would like to write and perform and have these great topics we’d like to cover but have run out of ways to tell them. Treatment trumps topic. How a story is told is more important to the audience than its topic and what it is about. This is what we will focus on, “the how.” It is easy to become a slave to cliché, but this workshop will provide some tools in how to steer writers away from the monotony of cliché and how to make their narratives unique to their voices in a space where so many performers are writing and presenting on a lot of the same issues.

This workshop will help give participants the tools that help their poems enter into a voice(s) other than their own, perhaps not even a human voice, so that they can explore the dramatic possibilities within a poem. This includes engaging the dynamic of literary devices in their poems particularly the use of metaphor, and unearth the art in finding new ways to say old things in storytelling.