Call for Financial Management Consultant

Development of a Financial Management System for I Am One

Terms of Reference: Financial Management Consultant

Title: Financial Management Consultant
Contract Type: Short-term Consultancy (8 non-consecutive days)
Expected Start: March 2019
Location: Trinidad and Tobago
Employer: I Am One

Project Description: I Am One is working towards strengthening and expanding projects and activities; therefore the organizational capacity to carry out these projects must be met. I Am One received grant funding from the Research Technical Institute through the LCLS project to address these challenges by hiring a Financial Management Consultant. The consultant will develop a robust Financial Management system and provide staff training.

Scope of Work

Task 1: Assess current financial procedures, tools and IT supporting system
Task 2: Offer quality advice regarding financial management information
Task 3: Provide training sessions designed to equip staff with expanded financial and accounting skills including systems such as Quickbooks
Task 4: Support and guide I Am One’s staff in monitoring the financial management
system, analyzing financial plan results, identifying and evaluating new financial
strategies and recommending changes in goals and plans


  • Provide assessment report on I Am One’s financial procedures, tools and IT
    supporting system
  • Provide information on financial guidelines and policy
  • Develop strategies for internal financial procedures
  • Develop tools for monitoring and analyzing the financial management system
  • Administer training in a relevant IT supporting system eg: Quickbooks
  • Develop tools for risk assessment and cash flow analysis

Minimum Requirements

I Am One is looking for a consultant with extensive experience and knowledge of financial management in NGOs or non-profit entities. The individual should possess the following:

  • Bachelor Degree in Accounting and Finance, or Economics
  • At least 7 years of professional experience within the area of finance
  • At least 5 years experience with management of public funds
  • Experience of working with NGOs/CSOs is essential
  • Full acquaintance with Trinidad and Tobago laws and regulations relevant to finance.

Application guidelines

Submit the following documents to with the subject “Financial Management Consultant”:

  1. A cover letter
  2. Curriculum Vitae outlining relevant experience
  3. Two letters of reference from companies where similar work was done. Applications should be submitted no later than midnight on February 28th, 2019.