Justice by Cristy C. Road

Cristy C. Road is a Cuban-American artist, writer and musician who’s been contributing her talent to punk rock, publishing, & social justice movements since she was a teenager in Miami, 1997. Road self-published the Green’zine for ten years, and has since released three illustrated novels which tackle gender, sexuality, mental health and cultural identity: “Indestructible” (2005), “Bad Habits” (2008) and her most recent work, “Spit and Passion” (2013), a graphic queer-coming-out memoir about Cuban identity, staying in the closet, and discovering the punk band, Green Day. C. Road’s work has been featured in the Baby Remember My Name: New Queer Girl Writing Anthology, Live Through This Anthology, Maximumrocknroll, New York Magazine, The Advocate, and countless other published works. She is currently illustrating the NEXT WORLD TAROT Card Deck and writing pop-punk songs in Brooklyn, NY.

“My work stems from the notion that illustration has the power to transform individuals and the world. Rooted in punk and feminist communities, I have spent over fifteen years illustrating for social movements, music and publications. With ink, markers, and paint; my autobiographical narratives discuss healing the marginalized body from intimate abuse and systemic oppression. Through visual storytelling, I want to challenge systems of oppression, defy social norms, and preserve my initial goal to make viewers simultaneously think, laugh, and dream.

I’m showing Images from my series, THE NEXT WORLD TAROT Card Deck. The Next World Tarot is a 78 card tarot featuring traditional suits alongside a cast of gender outlaws, endangered cultures, and outcasts reclaiming a criminalized identity. Created with ink, markers, and acrylic paint, NWT represents belief systems based on love, sustainability, and respect.”