I Am One envisions a Caribbean community which integrates, empowers and celebrates the diversity of LGBTQIA persons in the region and where the formal structures of society recognize and respect this diversity.


I Am One is a community-based organisation in Trinidad and Tobago which seeks to address the needs of LGBTQIA persons through research and building community, as well as providing safe spaces, education and expressive platforms for empowerment.


Diversity – Members of the LGBTQIA community come from all backgrounds, beliefs, abilities and experiences. I Am One encourages this diversity and believe in working together and learning from each other’s diverse realities.

Inclusivity – I Am One promotes an inclusive work environment and community. We value and provide equal opportunity to all of our differences (e.g., ability, age, ethnic background, gender, religion, sexual orientation, etc) to achieve maximum potential without discrimination.

Integrity – Integrity is the foundation of building relationships and trust. I Am One’s environment demonstrate sound moral and ethical principles and encourages all team members to act with honour and truthfulness.

Creativity – Creativity inspires strong teamwork and team bonding as well as increased engagement and interaction. We welcome creativity as we promote an environment that is advantageous for everyone.

Safety – I Am One recognizes the threats of working with an LGBTQIA organization in a society that promotes homophobic practices. We understand that health and safety procedures are important for the well-being of all of us because the human loss is immeasurable and intolerable.

Zeleca Julien – Director of I Am One

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Empowering and celebrating the diversity of LGBTQIA persons of Caribbean heritage